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We help you find and apply for opportunities of a lifetime.

We know that men apply for an opportunity when they meet only 60% of the requirements, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them. 

Noa Epstein Tennenhaus

Hi, I'm Noa. Wanting to change this statistic was one of my motivations for starting Application Shine. A Cambridge MBA graduate and Gates Scholar, I have won several full scholarships (UWC, Gates, Ford Fellowship, and others) and studied and worked internationally in the fields of social entrepreneurship and education. 

In today's globalized world there are so many exciting opportunities to apply for, but the competition is more intense. I consider myself a match-maker between you and your next special opportunity. 

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Our aim is to connect exceptional people to competitive opportunities worldwide, with a mission to extend the impact of change-making programs by diversifying the pool of applicants.

What we Offer

Application Shine is a consulting service that specializes in competitive applications for outstanding academic and professional opportunities. We help international applicants of all ages and walks of life find and apply for scholarships and other opportunities, such as academic programs, leadership programs, professional fellowships, unique internships and summer programs, from the high-school to retirement stage.

While this service is relevant for anyone who wants to find and win any opportunity that requires a competitive application process, it is especially focused on the fields of social entrepreneurship, peace and justice, development and human rights. In other words, on opportunities that cultivate change makers and create a positive impact.

Why Choose Application Shine?

  • Personal successful experience with competitive applications.

  • Private database of hundreds of international scholarships and opportunities.

  • Access to application advice and new opportunities through a unique international network of alumni. 

  • Ethical approach: we do not ghost write, but rather have developed an effective coaching method to help bring the best out of each applicant and make his/her own voice shine.

  • Affordable price and free initial conversation.

Our Clients

Our clients are of all ages and nationalities. Their common ground is that they seek to win competitive opportunities that require a state of the art application.

We have helped our clients​: 

  • Make career transitions by advising how to tell their story in powerful ways that suit the specific application 

  • Perfect their CVs

  • Find and win scholarships to fund their undergraduate, Masters and PhD programs at top universities in the US, Europe and beyond

  • Get into excellence programs and competitive fellowships to enhance their tack record and experiences

  • Find unique international short term/summer programs and internships 

Through our unique and personalized consulting approach we empower applicants to think BIG and view life as a journey through amazing experiences, which enrich oneself while improving the lives of others.