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Application Tips

There is no second chance to make a first impression. 

In your application essays:​

1. Set the agenda.

The admission office sets the questions but these are usually very open. Before even looking at the questions draft a list of 5 key points about yourself... that you want to get across and use this list as you plan your essays. Use the different questions to place all the points from your list without being repetitive. The list can include things like:

  1. Major achievements

  2. Special characteristics and qualities

  3. Unique story

  4. A significant challenge you faced

  5. A strong example of your leadership

Your aim is to introduce yourself to the admissions team through short essays. You will not get a second chance to make a first impression. You want to stand out and be remembered, while being authentic and genuine – which is why your personal voice and style must come through.

2. Make your language and style unique.

These kinds of essays tend to be similar and repetitive across candidates, with most people using buzz words, jargon and general terms like: impact, passion, leadership and success. Try to think of yourself as a painter or an author and bring your statements to life through descriptive detail rather than general claims. Remember: your aim is to be remembered. Be specific and personal, rather than general.


3. Be authentic.

It takes only a few seconds to see through writing that is not authentic or genuine. Feel free to talk about multiple aspects of your being and life, not just your professional path and aspirations. Try to create an intimate as possible encounter with YOU.

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