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👩‍🎓 University application season - a framework for success!

Here's a gift for you. If you don't need it at this time, pass it on to someone you know who is applying to top universities and scholarships this Fall. Relevant for undergraduate, Master's and PhD applicants.

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Here's a simple framework for success in your application journey:

Discipline. Be systemic and organized. Use an excel to collect the info. Otherwise, it's so easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of university and scholarship websites. Carve out time in advance – ideally start NOW, 3-6 months before the application deadlines, to make time for researching university programs and scholarships and acing the standardized tests.

Be authentic. ChatGPT and AI-based storytelling is great for many things, and yes, it's just getting started. BUT – and here's an important but: it's not YOU. It doesn't have the human touch, those subtle nuances that make your story authentic in content, language, tone and style. Contrary to what you might assume, experienced application committees (and I have sat on and led several of these in various programs) can instantly spot an essay that tries to follow the cookie-cutter-model of a successful application.

Focus on your goals and assets. Rather than tell a chronological story in your personal statement and application essays, organize the narrative in short, powerful paragraphs that are structured around the golden triangle: what is your goal? Based on which assets are you the right candidate for this opportunity? And how will this program/scholarship help you close the gaps and achieve your goal.

Enjoy the process. Clients often tell me that beyond succeeding in their application, working with the method I developed and using the Application Story Canvas© tool has helped them uncover story blind-spots and connect the dots in an empowering way. Your application journey is an opportunity to focus on YOU.

When I won the Gates scholarship to do my MBA at Cambridge I promised myself to pay this gift forward and help people access the opportunities of their dreams.

If you're interested in 1:1 application consulting, give me a shout.

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